How to Fix Plants Bug on Fallout 4

This tutorial includes text instructions for Plants Bug (If your plants not working) on Fallout 4 Game:

1)Try exiting the game completely. On occasion I haven’t been able to select plants, and a clean game restart fixed it.

2)If you place plants in certain spots, they will become inactive – i wont go into why, but here is a solution – unfortunately, you will lose the originating piece of corn or whatever that was used to create the crop, so make sure in future to check selectability of new crop placements on the first placement before setting up a new 6 food run of plants etc.

1) save
2) hit tilde ~ to open console
3) target the plant (should have an [PP] suffix) and maybe click elsewhere and click back
noting the objectID to make sure you aren’t inadvertently about to delete something
4) input the following and hit enter: markfordelete
5) repeat for remaining unselectable plants via workshop mode
6) create new save
7) load most recent save

The absurd thing is, in certain locations, I have managed to successfully replant selectable crops in damn near the same spot – try not to place crops of the same type too close together, even if it lets you, this seems to be part of the issue.

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