How to Fix Windows 10 Problems on New PC Games

For Windows 10, it’s the most problematic operating system nowadays for newly published games. So we have collected some useful info from Steam Forums and published here by us.

Newslopedy Media Solutions tries to find a way for fix your game errors always every day. Windows 10 is our new media platform for fixing new Steam game errors. Please wait for the future video tutorials.

You can try all the guides below for possible errors:


  • Make sure you have the most up to date drivers available from the GPU maker. This means Intel, AMD or nVidia, not your system OEM. OEMs are rarely up to date with the drivers they provide.

  • Check that Windows hasn’t mysteriously made parts of your user folder (“My documents” etc) read-only, for mysterious and unexplained reasons.

  • Either uninstall and reinstall the game, or verify game files.

  • Make sure the executable is not set to any compatibility mode, or run as administrator. If that doesn’t work, try enabling those options instead (but they shouldn’t be necessary.

  • Some people have reported needing to run one or more of the redists that come with the game affected (such as a vc redist); you may have to select a ‘repair’ option when you run them.


Those fixes may vary on other things also. But you have to do these things firstly. Secondly go across to other fix guides…


Here are the detailed things if the above guides couldn’t fixed your games. These below guides is only open for our Premium Members:

Things that have worked for some:

  • Update graphics drivers. If you have Intel integrated graphics, and the OEM drivers (eg HP) are old, try installing the drivers provided by Intel. This will give you a warning that you have manufacturer-specific drivers installed, and should update from them; given that you can’t, go with the Intel drivers. However, create backups and a restore point first, as there are some systems where the OEM drivers areactually necessary. If you don’t have Intel integrated graphics, look at the AMD/nVidia website as appropriate. If you have integrated graphics that aren’t Intel or AMD (or nVidia, if they make any), this game most likely won’t work for you.
  • Check whether you actually meet the minimum requirements. People with graphics that don’t support DirectX10.1 report this sort of problem, generally. Some with under-powered cards that support the right version of DirectX will get a bit further and then crash, or get strange graphics problems.
  • If it’s Steam error 53, or “still encrypted”, that usually means the install has gone slightly wonky in some way, or security software is getting in the way. It’s a bit unpredictable.
  • Some people got over these problems by running the VisualC and DirectX redistributables found in the game’s install directory (in subdirectories, possibly).For some people that this hasn’t helped, completely uninstalling these before reinstalling has helped.
  • The problems with high-frequency displays discussed elsewhere( manifest as startup failure. If you have such a display, try turning your desktop refresh rate and/or resolution down, and seeing if you can start then. That’s not the problem solved, but it identifies which version of the problem you have.
  • Some people have reported that turning off stereoscopic 3D (‘3D Vision’) solves the problem. Some even report that turning it on and off again, when it was off to start with, helps.
  • Disabling the Steam overlay has also been reported to help in some cases.
  • If you use multiple graphics cards in SLI or Crossfire, try turning it off.
  • If you were running the game fine under Windows 8, and it stopped working when you upgraded to 8.1, try completely removing the game and reinstalling it.
  • It may be worth trying deleting config.ini, graphicsettings.ini and usersettings.ini under C:\Users\XXX\Documents\My Games\Sid Meier’s Civilization Beyond Earth (or adjusted as appropriate for your system).
  • Some report getting the game to work by disabling graphics helper or utility software like MSI Afterburner or FRAPS.
  • For Win10 users, particularly those who upgraded their systems, verify all your game files if you have any problems. This is affecting lots of different games.
  • Also, make sure your graphics drivers are updated, and don’t trust Windows Update to do this. Most vendors have put out new drivers for Win10.



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