How to Make Dishonored 2 Game Run Faster – Part 2 [NVIDIA Driver Fix]

This tutorial just shows you how to get fps improvements on Dishonored 2 by NVIDIA processors.

That is really simple you just have revert your drivers back to old one.

To do this , try these steps:

  • The latest driver on Geforce (375.70) may cause fps issues on your system if you try to run Dishonored on higher resolutions.
  • Please revert back to old driver (368.81) of Geforce which can help your game performance increase drastically. You can also run your game at full screen 1080p by this method.
  • So, uninstall your current - latest updated (375.70)- driver.
  • And reinstall 368.81 version manually from the Geforce website again.
  • Click Here to Install that driver!

Then try these settings after old driver installation:

  • Run on Very High preset
  • 1080p
  • vsync on
  • HBAO+ off
  • You could probably get 60 fps by this method.
  • Hope it works.

If it doesnt work please ask to our

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