How to Make “Football Manager 2016” Run Faster and Fix Crashes

Here’s the simple tutorial for football manager 2016. You can do several things for running your Football Manager 2016 smoothly; important possible solution is decreasing the league quantity and graphic quality from the in-game settings. A few or just one league setup and low database selection is essential for old computers. (Like having an old models of Geforce and AMD) However, you can still have options on that;

  • Update Your Graphic Card Driver

  1. You can update your graphics card on their setting panel.
  2. Also update your Graphic card tools.


  • Disable Your Antivirus / Internet Security

  1. This disabling is not only help you run your Football Manager 2016 faster but also useful for crash fixings, installing error fix etc.
  • Choose High-Performance Processor by the Graphics Card Panel.

  1. You can select your Football Manager 2016 from the menu.
  2. Then you would choose VSync on and select Maximum Preferred Performance from the settings.

Install 3rd Party Lag Fixer Software

You can also install 3rd party lag fixer software for improving the lag on Football Manager 2016.

Windows 10 Problems:

If FM 2016 Crashes on Windows 10, first of all make sure your drivers are updated. Read how you can check for outdated drivers.

  • Open your Device Manager
  • Open up the section ‘Sound, video and game controllers’
  • Right-Click on each audio item (identified by the speaker icon) and click ‘Disable’
  • Once you have disabled them all, close the device manager
  • Now run the game and see if the crashes have stopped

*Credit goes to Crashwiki for the above problem tips.

Note: For Football Manager 2016 and the old series of FM, there isn’t much resource/graphics card required. You need more attention to improve your RAM and Processor Performance. You can also tick your FM 2016 as “High- Priority” from the TASK MANAGER.

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