How to Make “PES 2016” Game Run Faster?

In this tutorial, the most popular game "PES 2016" will in-depth analysis and we will find some ways in order to run this game much faster.

There are lots of ways that we can improve performance and reduce lags. Some ways are useful some others not but you should know a physical system (your hardware) is the most important part. If you use latest version of Geforce or AMD graphic cards and also with desktop / MAC PC with highest ram % processors then you can be able to run these kind of games on highest performances..

Other ways (mostly software-based & settings based) are just changes minor improvements...

1. Choose High Performance Graphic Processor!

In order to run PES 2016 faster you need to use only your Geforce or AMD card not an intel or other integrated card.

For doing this;

  • Right click on your desktop
  • Go to NVIDIA/AMD Control Panel
  • Choose Manage 3D Settings
  • Go to Program Settings tab
  • Choose PES 2016
  • Then choose High Performance Graphic Processor
  • Click Apply

2. Make Some Minor Changes on your Graphic Settings

Go into your nvidia control panel again.

Under program settings, make the game run with these five settings changed:

  • Maximum pre-rendered frames: 4
  • Multi-display/mixed GPU acceleration: Single display performance mode
  • Power management mode: Prefer maximum performance
  • Triple buffering: On
  • Verticle Sync: On

That should get it to run smooth.

Bonus Improvement: When running Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 go to your Task Manager (with Ctrl + Alt+ Del) then choose "High Priority" .
Also close your Antivirus & other softwares running on background when playing this game.

3. Clean your Laptop/PC from dusts

On the other hand (physical part), you can clean your laptop or pc from dusts, there are lots of ways for doing this on the net by yourself. Buy a cleaning kit then clean your computer.

This will improve hardware running and also improve early processor heatings.

Also buying an external fan would be great...

4. Wait for Bug Fix and Game Update

So, sometimes the lagging may be caused by PES 2016 itself. Then your only way of doing is waiting for bug fixes and game updates, unfortunately.

5. Clean Your Computer Against Viruses and Run Disk Defragment

Sometimes PES 2016 low file transferring may cause by viruses, trojans and worms, so use a comprehensive Antivirus program and clean your computer , also using disk defragmenter is useful.

You can also watch our detailed tutorial video about fixing this issues. It is only available for our premium members:




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