How to Play “Layers of Fear” Game Without Any Lag

This tutorial shows that how to play and make it run without lag on Layers of Fear game.

We explained it on most of the previous games but here’s that we are giving it also for this game.

Some games starts with default integrated graphics card ,its mostly intel. So, you need to make your every game have been chosen by NVIDIA/AMD graphics card. This will boost your game performance and also gives the ability to play on higher FPS.

We have seen some players got issues about this on Steam Community. Thats why we created this tutorial.

First of all;

  • You need to right click on your desktop.
  • Then go into your NVIDIA/AMD Control Panel Settings
  • Choose Layers of Fear game from the Control Panel Menu
  • If it doesnt show to you, you should browse from your program files folder.
  • Then choose your High Performance Graphics Card
  • After that Apply it.

Now, you can play your game with latest high processor drivers and higher capacity graphic functions.

We’ve prepared a detailed tutorial video for our premium members.



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