How to Run Fallout 4 in 1920 x 1080 Resolution

Here is a way you can play Fallout 4 in 1920 x 1080 fullscreen:

The answers includes comprehensive guide for that question.

Did you change the FOV via .INI ?
Did you load another persons save to get their "FACE" on your character?

Your problem maybe because the game resolution and your desktop resolution do not match.
if the game resolution not the same with your usually desktop resolution, change it manually in the Fallout4prefs.ini
Look for this line
iSize H=768
iSize W=1360

and change to your desktop resolution.

Ok now it sounds like you may not even have a real graphics driver installed and your only using the windows default driver. Since you do not know exactly what graphics card you have go here and use the automatically detect option and install the driver catylast driver it recommends.
Give that a try and see if things improve.

I managed to fix it through changing the ini file resolution. The problem was my desktop won't set to 1080x1920 and so fallout couldn't. my desktop is running at 1200 x 1600 ( I think) so I set fallout to this, however lockpicking still didn't work.
I then took 1 pixel off (1199 x 1599) and it is working fine, steam interface is fine, all solved. Only thing is my windows task bar is visible but that is no worries.


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