How to Run Planet Coaster Game Faster and Solve Lagging

This tutorial is mainly targeted for the Gamer’s who have fps/lagging issues on Planet Coaster Game. We have collected some information about this problem and wrote some ways to fix it:

Try these steps one by one or step by step to increase your Planet Coaster Game Performance:

  • First of all you should prefer a gaming laptop or desktop to run this game on better fps.
  • You can also wait for a new patch from the developers of Planet Coaster Game
  • Please Turn off “screen space reflection” in the game settings
  • Re-install your nvidia driver and install an older one from early October or much older – Means try removing your drivers with DDU and installing those.-
    • Or try to install newest drivers for both radeon and nvidia.
  • Try to changed your GPU Slot ( i.e. PCIe 3.0 )
  • Also “Disable Depth of Field” this option just blur everything and makes jaggies even more noticable.
  • Try to upgrade your CPU or graphics card psychically to a higher one.
  • Choose your High Performance Graphics Card for Planet Coaster Game.
  • Run it on “Prefer Maximum Performance”
  • Decrease your game graphic settings to lower or medium quality.
  • Try to make your Vsync on with FPS limiter.

Those above solutions are just suggestions. You can try them or not. Its your responsibility for the system crashes. But we dont see any system crash by those solutions. If you still dont fix your fps problem please post to

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