How to Run “RISK – The Game of Global Domination” on Windows 7

This tutorial shows examples of how to run “RISK – The Game of Global Domination” game on Windows 7 OS. If you have Win 7 you would be having problems for running this game. But we collect some information on how to run it:

well, nobody forces you to use windows 8 or 10. But they are upgrades to windows 7, no matter what you think.

Now, you can continue on windows 7, but just assume that some things are not going to work on a 2009 OS. It’s 2016, you have a free upgrade to windows 10, that works better than 7 (I know, I have 3 desktop and 4 laptops, and even those with so-so specs work better win 10 than with anything else) and still don’t want to upgrade.

Can confirm, the game works fine on windows 7.

Here is a break down of Valve’s own stat-tracking:

Windows 7 64 bit

Windows 10 64 bit

Windows 8.1 64 bit

Windows 7

Windows XP 32 bit

Windows 8 64 bit

Windows 10

Windows 8.1

Windows Vista 32 bit

Windows 8

Windows Vista 64 bit

Well you were alot more believable untill someone decided to actually do research

oh, you managed to find the data steam has, good for you, i already found 2 pages that has different data, and i’ll belive those over steam any day of the week

much different data:

windows 7: 55 % share, oh those numbers

To an extent I would agree. If the game was, for example, the next CoD that targets an already-established PC gaming community, then, yes, you want to look at the survey of existing users on the gaming platform (i.e., Steam).

However, Steam has already expanded its horizons significantly to include things such as software, videos, visual novels, and childrens’ games / entertainment. Something like RISK doesn’t just target a PC enthusiast circle. This could attract parents to buy a computer version for their kids instead of a boxed version. In which case, they might just go on Google, type in “RISK”, and the first hit they get is the game on the Steam store. They might not have even heard about Steam before.

Now, I’m not saying this will be the case here. But Steam is definitely heading in the direction that it is important for it and developers to also take into consideration the general population’s distribution with regards to system specs.


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