How to Run “Sword Coast Legends” Game Faster and Lower Your GPU Usage?

This simple tutorial shows that how to run your Sword Coast Legends Game Faster.

Also make your game running at Updated Graphic drivers on NVIDIA and AMD.

*IF your problem doesnt fixed even done with below fixes, please wait for the developer fix/patch/update for this issue on this game.

There are 2 simple tips:

  • Make sure you are done with VSync "on":

Go to your GPU Control Panel and add your game in the settings then choose Vertical Sync "on" for this game.

  • Set game priority to "low".

Go to your CTRL+ALT+DEL Task Manager; cross to Details tab; Right click on your game and choose "Set Priority to : Low".

You can also watch our detailed tutorial video about this fix, it's for only our premium members;


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