How to Solve Black Screen Issue on Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege

This tutorial generated mainly for the black screen issues for our users. It would fix your black-screen or crash problem when you play Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege PC Game. There is not just one thing you can do to fix, there are several options you would have to try to see if the black screen issue solves:

To fix black Screen issue, please try these several steps:

  • Firstly Try to restart Steam or your PC.
  • Try these things: Run the game in administrator mode, rename game settings, press alt-tab to go into windowed mode , disable uplay cloud overlay, disable uplay interface, disable steam overlay.
  • Try ALT+ENTER Option (If you get the black screen press ALT + ENTER to put the Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege game in windowed mode then change the resolution when you get into game).
  • Make sure you don’t have Teamviewer software


Another alternative way to fix:

  • Go to Documents>My Games>Tom Clancy’s The Division>
  • Edit: GFXSettings.Rogue_x64>
  • Change “Width” and “Height” to your resolution
  • Also change “Windowed” to “Full-screen”.
  • Save and play.
  • Hope it works for you all!
  • If not all the above solutions work please ask to our
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