How to Solve Motorsport Manager Resolution and Game Crash Problem

This small tutorial just instructs ways on solving Motorsport Manager (Nov 2016) game screen resolution issue and in-game crash - freezing- problems.

For the resolution problem you can do several things:

  • First of all adjust your display resolution.
  • Try Windowed Mode to play.
  • Disable DPI Settings from the properties of Motorsport Manager .exe file.
  • Force your ATI Radeon app - if you are using ati graphics card- to run at a resolution from the ati control panel.
  • Or change your graphic card physically.

For the in-game and startup crash of this game do these things:

  • Verify your cache in Steam
  • Disable any Firewall settings that may be affecting the Motorsport Manager game
  • Look up this folder for crash logs MM_Data\output_log.txt
  • Send to developer or post to Gameslopedy Forums
  • Hope it works!
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