How to Solve Startup Crashes and Lagging on ” Dishonored 2 ” Game

If you get startup or in-game crashes on Dishonored 2  PC Game - which is released on 11/10/2016 -  this article is for you. collects informations from many other websites and gives you the best ways to fix your game issues. Also you can solve your lagging problems on Dishonored 2 if you have mid-end and low-end pc machines.

To Fix Many Problems try these steps first:

How to Make Dishonored Game Run More Faster:

  • Go to "Manage 3D Settings"
  • Then go to "Program Settings"
  • -Select Dishonored 2- Game
  • Choose "Maximum Pre-rendered Frames"
  • Make sure you have the Control Panel open and not Nvidia Experience app.
  • We hope this fix can work for some other users, as it worked for me! You can increase your frame rates by this simple settings changings.


For Low-end Computers to Run Dishonored without Lagging Instructions:

  • Things to turn off or lower in-game settings (Or NVIDIA Panel) =
  • Vsync - off
  • Anti Aliasing - off ( just makes lines blurry)
  • Shadows - Medium or lower
  • Depth of field - off (bad just bad devs stop putting this in games.)
  • motion blur - off ( less blur more detail your welcome. )
  • Hope these settings will increase your game performance.

If you have any questions please ask to our forums:

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