Mafia III PC Game Individual Review

You all know how much I've been looking forward to the MAFIA III release. Played 1&2 loved 1 was a little disappointed with 2 as the open world map gave you nothing to do. Then 3 comes along with the biggest open world map so far with hours of gameplay available.

There are hundreds of enterable building and all sorts of shops and bars but with nothing to do in them or buy from them such as clothes or food for health.

The missions seem to have a fixed format that repeat over and over again. The AI is absolute rubbish gangsters stand around and watch you execute one of there party with a brutal takedown and walk away and carry on there conversations. The police don't react to incidents unless you shoot one of them and then all you have to do is walk out of the blue circle and they will stop looking for you.

The driving is total shit the vehicle graphics look like they came from Mafia I.

There is no way to collect some of the classic cars you see around the streets as you have nowhere to store them, you are instead restricted to the ones you earn by taking over regions of the city I already have six of the eight available and have only taken over 3 areas.

The story line is the only thing that has kept me playing so far. Lincoln Clay is a great character and its great that the story is taking place in the sixties in the Deep Dark southern states where racism was at its height at that time.

The news reports on the radio setting the general feeling to the changing world of the sixties, Sexism, Racism, Cold War, Vietnam and immigration problems (All of which I remember happing & listenend to on the radio and seeing on TV, Yes I am that old ) really sets the background feeling to the game.

Although I do enjoy hearing the sixties music on the car radio I am now totally bored with 15 to 20 tunes it continually knocks out and find I am unable turn it off.

I am very disappointed with this game and feel that after playing it for 30 hours I've had enough of it and will probably be only be dipping into it occasionally when updates and new DLC become available.

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