Path of Exile – Unique’s available


We've got some older/crummier uniques available in Path of Exile if anyone is interested:

Just add me in game or post here if you're interested. IGN is also Eoand.

I'm usually on with my around 7pm EST.

Text only itemlist, you can search for the item on the wiki Path of Exile Wiki to see if it interests you

Rime Gaze (Helm)
Last Resort (Claw)
Craghead (Quiver)
Deerstalker (Boots)
Cameira's Maul (Hammer)
Prismatic Eclipse x2 (One handed Sword)
The Princess (One handed sword)
Spine of the first claimant (Mace)
Sibyl's Lament (Ring)
The Aylardex (Amulet)
Araku Tiki (Amulet)
Ezomyte Peak (Helm)
Hrimnor's Hymn (Hammer)
Wurm's Molt (Belt)
Veil of the Night (Helm)
Hyrri's Bite (Quiver)
Hrimsorrow (Gloves)
Deidbell (Helm)
Heatshiver (Helm)


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