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After Ubisoft established a new brand with WATCH_DOGS 2014, the recessions were mixed: on the one hand, the interactive city and the resulting possibilities were praised. On the other hand, the repetitive mission design and the pale main character were criticized. To remove the criticism, Ubisoft chose Watchdogs 2 as a new protagonist, a reworked mission design, and a new multiplayer game. Reason enough to test WATCH_DOGS 2 once.

Gameplay / Atmosphere

WATCH_DOGS 2 plays in San Francisco and its surrounding environment Marin, Oakland and Silicon Valley. The world is about 1.5 times the size of the predecessor and contains all the important sights from the original San Francisco, such as the Coit Tower, The Lombard Street, Pier 39, Alcatraz, the trams, the Golden Gate Bridge, etc. Unlike its predecessor, the city is much more colorful than Chicago's rather gloomy.
The developers have succeeded in capturing the atmosphere of the individual districts. For example, Marin is home to the mansions of rich managers, while Oakland consists of down-hill areas just a few meters off the FBI and NSA buildings. Silicon Valley is home to the headquarters of almost all major companies, and San Francisco itself is also great ,
Rating: 10/10

Story / Missionsdesign

The player controls Marcus Holloway, a young African American with great hacking talent and good parking skills. After Marcus in the past by Ctos 2.0, The city's surveillance system, was wrongly accused of a crime, he decides to join the DedSec hack group to expose the flower-manipulated system. In order to overthrow the data gangs, the group starts several activities to increase their number of followers in the social networks, thereby gaining more processor access.
Marcus starts with smaller tasks, but gets relatively quickly the new jumper and the drone made available. This gives the player per mission at least 3 options, which are called Aggresor, Ghost and Trickster in the game.
As an Aggresor, you do not use any gadgets, and you'll kill anyone who gets in the way of the player. As a ghost you sneak with the Taser through the enemy areas and as a trickster one controls the drone and the jumper through the enemy area, without itself a foot in it.
Because there is no action statement in any storymission, the player has the complete freedom to complete the missions and can try all the possibilities once.
The missions themselves are also good to very good, so destroy the laboratory of the robot company Tidis, chop themselves into the servers of Nudle or infiltrate the building of the rocket maker Galilei, placing a chip on the rocket and rockets Hacked himself in the following mission around the world in the various data centers of Blume. You can tell the DedSec members that they are showering, As cool as possible, but the dialogs are still acceptable and can not be compared with the level of a Need for Speed.
Rating: 9/10

Scope / Side Missions

Compared to the first part, the scope of the game is less, but the main reason is that the developers did not use the familiar Ubisoft formula, trying to give each submission its own identity.
The resulting missions are well-written and differ in part from each other. For example, in a mission chain you have to prevent illegal deals between police officers and gangs by using a kind of detective mode, While in another mission graffiti is sprayed with the DedSec logo at distinctive and difficult access points of the city and in another mission a gametrailer of Ubisoft San Francisco leases. In order to unlock the missions, you have to find and hack the start person without marking in the game world by the new hacking, which on the other hand is a good idea and encourages the browsing of the city, but on the other hand you can miss some side missions as the progress Only visible through the Ubisoft Club. In addition to the mentioned types of missions, there are also several motorcycles, sailboat races, drone races as well as e-Kartchallenges. In particular, the sailboat races are particularly interesting, Since one must think there and the shortest way through the wind leads in most cases to the last place. The control of the drone, on the other hand, is so imprecise that it is difficult to reach the goal at all. There is also the ScoutX app, where you can make selfies before the sights of the Bay Area as well as a taxiapp with the appropriate name Driver: San Francisco. If you want to finish the game 100%, you should plan just under 50 hours, the mainstory is finished after about 18 hours.
Rating: 9/10


WATCH_DOGS 2 offers 3 multiplayer modes: the co-op mode for 2 players, the hacking invasions known from part 1, as well as the new head money jack mode.
In co-op mode, about 30 missions are available, but in the first third only 3 types of missions have been available: Either steal a vehicle, hack 2 servers, or bust 3 items. Also annoying is that the different types of missions were to be done twice in the same area twice, and so far none of the co-missions were set.
The hacker invasions do not work as well as in part 1: If you are hacked, it is sufficient to start the drone and fly the area and you will find the enemy even before this has downloaded our data to 50%. Apparently, a few GTA online players have started the wrong game and are ramping the player at the beginning of the hacking phase and trying to kill him, but this is not possible in the game, so you have easy game.
Unfortunately, the criticism continues in the head money mode. A head money goal appears either in the running game or can be found via the Multiplayerapp. If you are not lucky and your opponent is more than 400 meters away, you can cancel the mission directly because you get a slower car than the opponent at the beginning and the car deliveries are suddenly 200 meters away and away from the player, While standing on an empty parking lot.
Rating: 4/10


The new colorful look sees San Francisco fantastic and well worth it, in between to go for example to Pier 39 to listen to the passersby while to look at the seals and easy to fly with the drone through the city and The area from above. I had after 40 hours on my console from June 2014 so far no single rucker or bug, as well as a stable frame rate at any time.
Rating: 10/10 Conclusion


Whether you should buy Watch_Dogs 2 depends on what expectations you approach the game. If you are looking for a good onlinem with an exciting story and varied missions like in GTA Online, you should make a big bow around the game. All others, who do not have any major problems with the coolness of the DedSec members, should give the game a deserved chance. It's just fun to get a mission, plan the strategy and use the many different possibilities of the game. The game world fits perfectly into the scenario and thus contributes a great deal to the very well-done atmosphere of the game.

Overall Rating: 84/100

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