SC Squadron/guild logos – Conceptual idea for Star Citizen

While trying to survive the aftermath of the New Year celebration an idea for our logo popped into our head. Before we commit ourself to the steep learning curve of basic graphic design here is a conceptual idea and our thinking behind it:

I would love to hear your thoughts/comments/advice on it.

/Disclaimer: I am a complete amateur & N00by in graphic manipulation. My apology if I offended the better skilled. The logos are made from freehand sketch, colours and symbols are just placeholders to represent the idea./

In my view (and in contrast with today or WWII planes) the ORG/ship logos in our SC PU may not in the first instance have a combat function as the scanning and the distance in engagement would not allow us to rely on them.

Instead they would have powerful social and marketing functions: To represent TOG as a whole and to allow for internal/inter-squadron recognition of ships, teams or individuals: Imagine to land on platform/ in ORG hanger and immediately understand what team or which squadron is present.

It also needs to be very simple, easily recognisable and unifying emblem so our friend and enemies alike will associate us with it regardless on squadron, team, wing or fleet we are in.

The 3D TOG logo is notoriously difficult to manipulate, the 2D version (now on the ship on our SC org page and as your ORG icon on the forum) is better but still in my opinion somehow unbalanced and more importantly too busy to add any additional information and still keep the clarity.

I came up with a simple idea: keep the TOG symbol – cross hair; add wings in colour and symbol of the squadron/org (luckily all 3 SQ symbols need wings!). Here is my first draft attempt:

Dragon (Blue) squadron:

Raptor (Red) squadron:

Southern Seraphs (Green) squadron -the wings area can also serve a place for symbols - 6th Wing; Military:

Or Wing Commander; Exploration:

Finally I realised that also divisional assets can be represented. Omega group ( The Ω symbol reminds me of a crown so typical in royal navy/air force logos):

And yes even our G0T could have its symbol. /In my opinion the fact of our pirate sub div will not be possible to hide for long - so we may as well admit it – but that’s for another discussion entirely/:

Please let me know you what you think. My apology for wall of words and too many pictures.

Wence Out

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