What are the achievements on That Dragon, Cancer Game

This content is for achievements on That Dragon, Cancer Game:

  • you should read the “About this game” on the store page of the game
  • No, we won’t be including achievements, nor will we be doing trading cards
  • It might seem insensitive to suggest that there should be achievements or trading cards but those are things that are part of steam games. It might seem insensitive to other people that this is a video game on steam in the first place. If nothing else it means people have to walk on eggshells when discussing it.
  • In all fairness, the story is all about Ryan and Joel Green. Ryan is the man behind That Dragon, Cancer. I think it’s pretty fair to state that there’s nothing insensitive about the subject matter when the person and his son are the ones that this story is all about. That’s like calling an auto-biography insensitive.


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