Why Blood Code Game Looks Like Castlevania?


As far as I can tell, (I’ve played most of the 2D Castlevanias)
only the title font has similar look to other Castlevania titles.

…………and its not like Konami cares about Castlevania anymore…
Newest Castlevania was a pachinko game.


Because it fits with the Theme.
you question is quite illogical because looking at there games “Why are they always staring at a Wall, why are the colours always the same black tone etc etc”


That’s what caught my eye while browsing upcoming releases. And it looks like a cool game and I will definitely keepy an eye on it.

I found it quite funny that you’re that bothered about the font so much tho. It’s not castlevania font tho. That’s like saying that everything that uses a gothic font is castlevania.

on a side note, I thought this was releasing today :/ now it’s changed to the 31st.


Simple. Because its design is a blatant ripoff.


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