5 Important Things You Should Check If There is a Problem on Multiplayer Gaming

5 Important Things You Should Check If There is a Problem on Multiplayer Gaming

If you get an error while playing on multiplayer or even at the startup of connection please follow these things.

When playing multiplayer, please make sure you that there is nothing restricting or even fully blocking your connection.

Have a look and check these 5 important steps for your multiplayer gaming interruption:

  • Check, if you have a stable internet connection. If you are using WiFi, use a wired/cable connection, if possible, to prevent any possible interruptions.
  • Make sure you have enough bandwidth available. So disabling all downloads, streams, closing all tabs in your browser is recommended and check if no one else in your household might “steal” bandwidth.
  • Check, if Steam and your PC Game is not being restricted/blocked by your Anti-Virus program. Simply set exceptions for both applications.
  • Check your Firewall/s (Router, Windows Firewall, additional Firewall, e.g. Norton) if exception are set for Steam and Sudden Strike 4 in addition.
  • There are no specific ports needed to be enabled manually in your router.
    Nevertheless if your Router features the option “UPnP”, we would recommend to enable this option, as it simply enables programs, such as Games in general, which are using multiplayer, to open the ports needed on their own, without opening up huge ranges of ports.
    This also applies and is recommended for console-players.

Hope this little info helps you!

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