Do not use Paxum for Non-US Countries..!

I used to use as a paypal alternative. But as staying in non-US country it seems that Paxum hasnt got good payment support for the rest of the world.

I tried to withdraw my money to my bank account . But my EFT option cant be used due to non-verified bank account. So, paxum says its about paxum doesnt support every banks for EFT.
Then I changed my mind and crossed to Wire transfer and it cuts 50$ for every withdrawal. Thats very annoying.

Also Paxum’s verification is very tough , because they want your ID Card , Passport or Driving license also your address proof with some kind of home bill’s , military cards etc…

As a result Paxum isnt going to be an alternative of Paypal. So don’t use them…

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