How to Change ASTRONEER Game Language

This tutorial instructs you how to change language of ASTRONEER game. Follow these instructions to change your language to your native one or english.

First of all do these:

  • Right Click Astroneer ->
  • Properties ->
  • Set Launch Options:
    Type:   -culture="VALUE"

    And use the following list for your preferred language:

    Language - VALUE

  • CODES:
    German - de
    English - en
    Spanish - es
    Catalan - es-ES
    French - fr
    Italian - it
    Japanese - ja
    Korean - ko
    Dutch - nl
    Polish - pl
    Portuguese - pt
    Russian - ru
    Chinese - zh-hans

For example: What's your langauge? If you speak English, you would type  :  " -culture=en "

Other Special Notes:

"Catalan - es-ES" is wrong. That's the code for spanish (from Spain), while "es" is just the mother's language code, just like in english (en, en-us, en-gb...)

The code for Catalan is "ca", although there's no Catalan into the game...

If you try "es" or "es-ES" the result is the same, apparently. I don't know if there are other expressions in-game but it seems that "spanish" and "latin spanish" as you put on the store page is just the same translation although you also add "spanish-castillian" (ie es-ES)

Same goes, i assume, for Portuguese. Main code for family is "pt" but you can try "pt-PT" and "pt-BR" and there are no differences for the translation (i haven't tried this, anyway, so i don't know if it's true pt-BR like you said on the store page or it is pt-PT)


Source: Steam

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