How to Change Language in Disney Infinity 3.0 : Gold Edition

There are many users having issues to change their language in Disney Infinity 3.0 : Gold Edition pc game, this simple tutorial fixes your problems and help you to change the language into your native.

The game is actually a standalone pack and it already contain a lot of different languages.

Try these steps to change your game language:

  • Find “steam_emu.ini” in game folder.
  • Change the language in “steam_emu.ini” file. You can open it by notepad.
  • So, other languages are available, just to change on the ini file to:
    arabic, chinese, danish, dutch, finnish, japanese, norwegian, polish, swedish
  • Hope it would help!

If you still have questions please post to

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  • indian wolf jordan

    how to enable v sync in infinity 3.0.Im having horizontal tearing.I forced vsync from nvidia control pannel but it didnt works.

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