How to Fix Farming Simulator 17 In-Game Stuttering

If you get stutterings while playing farming simulator 17, there could be several reasons thats causes this problem.

There are several reasons that you can get stuttering on Farming Simulator 17 gameplay:

  • Playing on a laptop.
  • Playing with integrated graphics card option (non dedicated card)
  • Running a processor below the 2ghz dual core stated in the minimum system requirements
  • Not Enough Ram
  • V-Sync On
  • Game itself would cause this problematic. There is nothing you can do it on your end. Its about developers business to create a new patch to fix it.

If you even have high-end computer system and still get stuttering and lags, please close V-Sync to "OFF". You can do it by both AMD and Geforce settings and/or in-game graphics settings.

Also you could consider buying a new higher performance graphics card if you have low cards.

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