How to Fix Football Manager 2017 Startup and In-Game Crashes

This tutorial is mainly purposed for the fixing issues of FM 2017 startup and in-game , in-match crashing to desktop and error messages.

To fix these kind of errors you always have to look into your Windows NET Framework , C++ , vcredist and some kind of .dll corruptions in your system32 or syswow64 folders. This error fixes are both works on Win Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.

If you get screen crashing every time you start a Football Manager 2017 or crash dump errors in the game, please do the following things:


  • Just play it on Windowed Mode.
  • Disable DPI setting from the properties of your fm2017.exe file.
  • Disable custom graphics such as pitch textures, ad boards or something like that if they are running on your system.
  • Update your AMD and Geforce Graphics Card Drivers and also Geforce Experience App too.
  • Just make sure you are running your FM 2017 game with your High-Performance Graphics card not with Integrated one in your laptop.
  • Close your antivirus and internet security program or make an exception for the Football Manager 2017, for interfering problems.
  •  Make sure your Windows Updates, DirectX and Net Framework are installed and up to date and installed all of the vcredist library.


Note: You can also delete your crash dump file in order to fix some problems: 

The crash dump file (this file can be located at the following default location: C:\Users\[]\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2017\crash dumps

If you get black screen error on FM 2017 startup try these steps:

  1. Update your Graphics Card driver before.
  2. Then change the mode of your Video card from control panel whether AMD or GeForce .
  3. Change the mode from GPU rendering mode to Software rendering Mode.

If you get error messages on startup try these steps:

    • Open steam
    • Open the library and click on properties.
    • Click on Local files tab and verify for FM 2017 cache.
    • Steam will check for the missing files.If there are no missing files,then try to re-install the Football Manager 2017 again.
    • Also make your Windows drivers are up to date:
    • Use 3rd party app to scan your drivers and automatically update them:

  • Now, click on “scan for drivers”
  • It’ll prompt you to download the Driver scanner.
  • Install it and scan your PC using it.
  • From the results, you can update the drivers by one click.
  • If you get .dll missing file issues try googling them and find/download then paste into your system folders or use a 3rd party dll scanner.

For Directx Related Issues Try These Steps:


  • To uninstall your existing directx manually and then reinstall automatically try these steps below:
  • – Go to your System folder located here C:\Windows\System,
    – Remove any files beginning d3dx9 and ending in a .dll
    – Now go to your System 32 folder located here – C:\Windows\System32
    – Again remove any files beginning d3dx9 and ending in a .dll
    – Now go to your SysWOW64 folders located here – C:\Windows\SysWOW64
    – And for the list time look for any files beginning d3dx9 and ending in a .dll
    – Once this is done, download the from this link –
    – Once the file has finished downloading please do the following
    – Once this is done, double click the downloaded exe to begin installation
    – When you click it, it will ask you for a folder location to extract to
    – Create a folder on your desktop and name it something you’ll recognise (say DirectX Install).
    – Once the file has finished unzipping to your selected folder, open the folder
    – Double-click DXSETUP to begin the process of updating your DirectX

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