How to Fix Startup Crash of “Rise of the Tomb Raider” Game

This comprehensive tutorial is created for Rise of the Tomb Raider game startup crash. If you get no error but crash or crashing with some kind of errors try following things, those will help:

  • Make sure you have  a DX11 supported card: Seeing as the game states that as minimum req

Note: If there is no error report you most likely do not meet the requirements to run the game.

  1. Disable exclusive Full Screen mode via the launcher options.
  2. Try lowering the resolution using nvida geforce expierience before launching the game. Try running it as admin and windows 7 compatibility.
  3. Try starting twice.
  4. Try to install new nvidia drivers if u havent yet or just reinstall the game.
  5. You can try to repair game. Maybe there is a problem with game files.
  6. Try


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