How to Make CS: Go Run Faster [FPS Fix] [2017]

This tutorial shows how to Counter Strike: Global Offensive Game Run Faster and fix your low fps problems and play your game without lagging or reduce it to minimum. A lot of users reports these kind of problems everyday that is why we have collected some info and put in this article together in order to solve your problem.

Just follow these steps to increase fps in CS: Go game:

  • Try to turn off eco mode in settings.
  • Try to turn off XBOX Application in Windows 10 if you use it.
  • Try these commands:
    • -high (this will make CSGOto be in high priority so other programs like Win Update will not start Updating when you playing game for example)
    • -nojoy +fps_max_120(you can put any numbers you want,this command will stop fps bouncing in game
    • +fps_max_menu_120 +cl_forcepreload 0 to 1(this force game to preload every sound,and everything else so it may help you)
    • Turn off Mouse Acceleration in game
    • Turn off CPU Multicore Rendering in Video settings.
      • Note: You would need CPU multicore.
  • Or Replace the thermal paste in processor. Put a new one.
  • Try to go settings and turn virtual sync ON.

Alternative Solutions/Workarounds to Fix FPS:

  • Try to Disable Steam Overlay in CS:GO and paste all of the CS:GO Commands above!
    • -nojoy -nod3d9ex +fps_max 999 +fps_max_menu 999 +cl_autohelp 1 +cl_showhelp 0 +cl_disablefreezecam 1 +snd_use_hrtf 0 +m_rawinput 0 +mousespeed 0
  • If it does not work, the solution is maybe you should reinstall your Operating system or downgrading from WIN 10 to 8.1 or cleaning your PC and changing Thermal Paste...
  • Hope all of the above solutions would work for you all!

If all of the above workarounds does not work for you please post to about your issues and communicate with others.

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