How to Make Darkest Dungeon Game Run Faster

We’ve collected a lot of information about how to increase fps rate (fix lagging issues) for Darkest Dungeon pc game. Since a lot of players having trouble with low speed and stuttering problems there are some fixes here (all are ripped into this thread on gameslopedy) :

  • Disabling Blur or Combat Pivot Camera helps: Disabling those effects elimanted the issue
  • Try disabling Blur and Pivot, it’s a bit of a placebo — you do get higher FPS, but the core frame drops are still there and still noticible, usually on round updates while walking (IE, when barks are called, DoTs applied, etc)
  • Well, disabling both blur and combat pivot camera certainly mitigates the problem, but it didn’t eliminate it
  • Poking about in the Steam installation directory, realized that DD actually installs itself TWICE. Once for a version meant to work in Steam, and the other a Standalone installation. The Standalone installation will be at the following location for most folks.C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\DarkestDungeon\_windowsnosteam

    The version of Darkest.exe that was there runs the latest build, but BUTTERY SMOOTH. No weird stuttering at all.

    BUT HERE’S THE CATCH. Since t desn’t interface with Steam, your saves wont be there, and no Steam achievements can be earned.

  • Disabling the overlay in Steam
  • <steam install>\steamapps\common\darkestdungeon\_windowsnosteamResolves the stuttering so it must be to do with steam :S
  • DRM free version works fine


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