How to Make Resident Evil 0 / biohazard 0 HD REMASTER Run Faster

This information gives you a way to determine framerate issues and instructs how to increase it for Resident Evil 0 / biohazard 0 HD REMASTER pc game:


  • Instead of preloading textures, precompiled shaders, etc in the memory, CAPCOM does it "on-the-fly", which it's the worst case scenario efficiency wise That, coupled with the "locked internal resolution" ups the system requirements by quite quite an exaggerated ratio. That's why you need a very very fast GPU/CPU combo to do those in an instant. The game barely uses about 600MB of VRAM, but that measly 600MB amount of VRAM needs to be as fast and as low latency as possible. Not to mention that the textures/assets must be read directly from your HDD, extracted/"decompressed" from their packages (something like archives) probably done by your CPU (which is a bad/slow design option), loaded into the VRAM, then sent to the GPU for processing and postprocessing... And all that must be done every screen transition in less than 16ms for your average 60FPS... otherwise you'll have stuttering/framedrops every screen transition. Probably in the area where you're encountering those framedrops there's additional processing/loading in the background... maybe some bigger overlay video file, maybe some scripted events... and all of that eats CPU cycles and makes every other command that the GPU is meant to do to halt... basically, your usual poor optimization / CPU overhead. On top of all of the above, for some weird reason, CAPCOM thought that it would be a cool idea to constantly spam your GPU with some useless flush commands (if I recall right), every single frame that again adds to your CPU overhead and eating unnecessary GPU cycles. That was the first thing solved by the "lag patch V1" made by modders for RE1 HD. It removed that command spamming from your GPU and depending on your GPU's performance, that simple patched granted you up to +20FPS more. Those +20FPS made the difference between a playable and an unplayable "slow motion" game for many users with relatively low hardware specs (hardware specs even higher than the recommended ones) I, for one had noticed exactly a +20FPS boost with that little patch, although I didn't quite needed it. With V-Sync Off, I've went from about 95FPS to about 115FPS iirc correctly.


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