How to Make “Rise of the Tomb Raider” Game Run Faster

This longer tutorial fixes stuttering, lags and other low speed problems on Rise of the Tomb Raider pc game. Whatever specs you have on your PC/laptop you have to try these fixes if you wanna run this game smoothly:

This locked guide on gameslopedy is one of the comprehensive ones:

  • Use FXAA instead of SSAA.It’s running flawlessly on 980Ti.
  • Stop using very high textures and u will be fine
  • You need more than 6GB Vram for Very High Textures to get rid of Stuttering, because it uses 4x4k Texture Resolution.
  • Lower Textures to High, and the next most taxing settings are HBAO+, SSAA and Pure Hair.. use FXAA, normal SSAO and disable Pure Hair and it should run better.
  • Use everything on Max settings.Just downgrade textures to high.
    Anti-aliasing to FXAA or SMAA.
    Avoid SSAA at all costs when playing this game. I guess Titan X is the only one that maybe can handle SSAA 2x.


  • EXTRA :  Go into Nvidia Control Panel, and make sure the following settings are set for this game under 3D settings:Power Management Mode set to Prefer Maximum Performance
    Max Pre-rendered Frames set to 1
    Multi-display/ Mixed-GPU acceleration set to Single Display Performance

    See if that gets rid of the stuttering.


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