How to Prevent Cities: Skylines Game From New Updates

It is sometimes annoying for everyone when the cities: skylines game updates itself from the steam week to week. And many gamers don't want this. Because every new update could be break the mods and it would be a reason to some game freezings, crashings at some point. To prevent your game from new updates you can do several things, we have prepared some steps to avoid Cities: Skylines Game updates.

Try these steps below:

  • The very first thing is you can go offline and play Cities Skylines Game and its DLC's.
  • Another thing is blocking the game by your Antivirus/Internet Security Firewall to connect for the internet.
  • You can also block this game by Windows Firewall to connect to the servers.
  • Another fix is comes from hosts file under system folder. Add this games servers and put them into hosts file and the game will not connect to the internet.
  • On the games updates tab: the only options are: High priority update or update upon launch , so you can also choose one of them.
    • Update Options:
      1. Always keep this game up to date
      2. Only update this game when I launch it
      3. High Priority - Always autp-update this game before others
  • Try to download Cities Skylines game from full pc game download websites - not from the steam - . This is not preferred method but you can avoid game updates by this tactic.
  • Hope it works!
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