How to Run Total War: WARHAMMER II Game More Faster

How to Run Total War WARHAMMER II Game More Faster

We have collected some ways and workarounds to run Total War: WARHAMMER II game more faster and optimize it in a decent way.

Here is some workarounds to optimize this pc game:

  • Getting an SSD if you haven't got.
  • Reduce more than full stacks on one map.
  • Run dx11, do not run dx12.
  • Reduce the unit size in game.
  • Change the solution.
  • Use DX11, SSR off, DoF off, FXAA, Vignette on and SSAO off.
    • SSAO is especially badly optimised. Turning it off will give you almost a 30% increase in FPS alone.
  • - Fix your drivers, make sure you are using latest drivers for system INF (intel/amd board) and video drivers
    - Download registry cleaner and fix your registry issues and conflicts
    - There is a directory in steam/steamapps/common/warhammerII called _CommonRedist, it includes al libriraes necessary to run the game included from developers, make sure to run installers for each of those and that you have all these packages in system, includes DirectX and VisualC libraries
    - Clean up your startup, remove unnecessary programs and free up some memory
    - Download any good free antivirus (google for "good free antivirus") and run system scan

Hope it helps you to get better fps on Total War: WARHAMMER II.

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