How to Run World of Warcraft: Legion PC Game Faster

These are the steps that you have to do about preventing stuttering and freezes on World of Warcraft: Legion edition:

  • Disable Antivirus and other taskbar programs
  • Disable Crossfire right-click your desktop and select "Catalyst Control Center". On the upper-left click "Graphics", then "CrossfireX". In the main area of the window, uncheck the "Enable Crossfire" option. Click "OK" to accept the changes and close the Control Center.

    Disable SLI right-click your desktop and select "NVIDIA Control Panel". Expand the "3D Settings" section and click "Set SLI Configuration". Make sure that "Do Not Use SLI Technology" is selected in the right frame. Click "apply" and close the Control Panel.

  • Go to NVIDIA Control Panel and Choose Power Management Mode to "High Performance"
  • Reduce your game graphics settings down!
  • Update your NVIDIA and AMD drivers.
  • Set your game.exe "High Priority" from the Task Manager.
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