How to Solve FPS Drop Issues on Killing Floor 2 PC Game

After the last patch of Geforce some gamers have issues about fps drops and stuttering/freezing on Killing Floor 2 PC Game. This tutorial contains ways to fix these issues and gives you a workaround of this problem.

Try following steps to fix fps drops on killing floor 2 game:

  • Uninstall Last Geforce Update and Reinstall previous one.
  • Try to Install Autohotkey:
  • Go to steamapps
  • Make new text save as .ahk rename .txt:

    #NoEnv ; Recommended for performance and compatibility with future AutoHotkey releases.SendMode Input ; Recommended for new scripts due to its superior speed and reliability.SetWorkingDir %A_ScriptDir% ; Ensures a consistent starting directory.Loop, *, 0, 0{FileToRead = %A_LoopFileName%TempFile := "shortcuts_tempinfo.txt"FileDelete, %TempFile%RunWait,shortcuts.bat %FileToRead% >> %TempFile%,,HideFileRead,Output,%TempFile%FileDelete,%TempFile%FoundPos := RegexMatch(Output, """name"".*?""(.*?)""", SubPat)Name := RegExReplace(SubPat1, "[^a-zA-Z0-9 ]")StringReplace, LoopFileName, A_LoopFileName, appmanifest_StringReplace, LoopFileName, LoopFileName, .acfIniWrite, steam://rungameid/%LoopFileName%, %A_Desktop%\%Name%.url, InternetShortcut, URL}}MsgBox, Finishedmake another text file rename to .bat in [email protected] offtype %1

  • Put in vsync and fps limit 60 and reset all global settings for all of your PC Games.
  • Download this hotfix:
  • Try  physx set on cpu or gpu or auto set it to gpu
  • Or wait for a patch from the developers of the game.
  • Hope it works! If not please post your questions on our
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