How to Solve Low Frame Rates and Crashes on Tom Clancy’s The Division Game

This simple tutorial gives you a way to increase your fps and decrease your crashing during the gameplay on Tom Clancy’s The Division PC Game last DLC pack. There are a lot more known issues and our Gameslopedy forum users reported those problems too.

Actually developers of Tom Clancy’s The Division published a list of fixes, but there are lots of problems still continue :

  • Restored Talent Still in the Game[]
  • Underground Rank[]
  • Sound Issue on PC[] (Unable to Fix)
  • Named Weapons from Incursions[]
  • Movement Sounds Disappearing[]
  • Low FPS in Stash[]
  • Critical Save[]
  • Skills Stuck on Cooldown[]
  • Xbox Dark Zone Stuttering[]
  • Backpack Capacity[]
  • Survivor Link[]

Here are the workarounds to fix low frame rates in the game:

  • Update your game to a latest patch.
  • Or downgrade your game to a previous patch.
  • Update your AMD and NVIDIA drivers.
  • Close all the other programs and unnecessary Windows services on the background of your OS and retry your gaming.
  • Run Tom Clancy The Division DLC at high priority from the TASK MANAGER.
  • Always use your high performance graphic card for your games.
  • Try to lower your graphic settings from the in-game options of Tom Clancy’s The Division.
  • After update you could get 30 fps so you can fix that by disabling vsync and frame limit set to 120.
  • After that you must get unlimited fps at least that helped for our gameslopedy forum users.

For Crash Fixes try these workarounds: 

  • Validate your game files via Steam.
  • There would be too much traffic on the servers so just wait it out or take a chance by going back but We suggest not to start something long like a challenging mission.
  • Uninstall and Reinstall the game again.
  • Try alt-enter and go to Windowed Mode or try ALT-TAB.
  • Go back to previous patch (like 1.3 or something like that).
  • It would be a conflict between Uplay and Steam apps, so try to disable/close one of them.

Note: If none of above solutions work, wait for the new patch or update from the game developers.

This is more like game specific issue. Not your computer or laptop.

You can also upgrade your system and try again.

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