How to Solve “Planet Coaster Game” Hardware Crashing Problems

We have prepared a short tutorial for Planet Coaster PC Game in order to solve hardware crashing issues such as high temp. /gpu and cpu usage while playing the game and it would be crash your system.

Please do the following things, it may help you to solve your system crashing issues:

  • Try core temp program/software to find out the temperature of your pc while the game is running.
  • It would be time to upgrade your coolers, you can use corsair hydro h100.
  • It may caused by your unstable overclocks, high temperatures, insufficient PSU wattage/amperage, faulty RAM, HDD/SSD problems so you can change your system one by one to see if it works.
  • Try to update your Windows and all of the drivers to the latest versions.
  • Update your graphic card to the latest drivers and if you are using Geforce Experience please update it too.
  • Moreover, updating gpu drivers and deleting/re installing the game can be help.
  • Also you can try to put hydrogen cooling system into your computer.

Note: When crashes happens always try Ctrl-Alt-Del or ALT-TAB and go to Task Manager to see whats going on then turn back if you can.

You can also try these steps for Planet Coaster game :

1) Make sure your PC meets the minimum system requirements for Planet Coaster.
You can find the minimum and recommended system requirements on our FAQ [].

2) Update your graphics driver.
It's always good practice to ensure you're using the latest drivers for your card. Here's some useful links: - Any Nvidia card, including mobile. - All AMD cards and APUs. - All Intel Chips (please note that we still don't officially support Intel chips currently).

3) Clean reinstall your graphics driver to ensure there are no installation problems causing crashes.
With Nvidia graphics drivers you can select the 'Custom' installation option and then tick 'Perform a clean install'. The installer will instruct you through the rest of the process automatically.
For other drivers, we recommend using []. It will remove your existing driver so you can install the new one without any possible conflicts.

4) Ensure your game files are installed correctly.
This is nice and easy, simply follow Steam's guide on verifying your installation.

If your crashing problems still continue please post to our about your question. Hope those above workarounds can help you!

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