Startup Crash Fixes for Age of Mythology EX: Tale of the Dragon

This guide shows possible crash solutions for Age of Mythology EXTENDED EDITION: Tale of the Dragon, if you can’t run the game try following things:

  • Couple of solutions if you cant run the game :1. Steam log-in shows-up everytime you try to run the game.
    This means you havent copied the cracked files into the game directory.
    SOLUTION: If you installed this game with ISO file (Daemon Tools etc), you should be able to open the “virtual CD” of the game. Just click that “CD” on your windows explorer, and you’ll find the crack files. You know what to do next.

    2. Error in language or cant run the game eventho you’ve copied the crack files into the game folder.
    SOLUTION: right click properties of the exe game launcer or the “AOMX”, and click “Compability” window. Check the “run in blabla” box and choose the “Windows XP Service Pack 2 or 3”.
    Then start the game normally.

    And Voilla!! Enjoy!!! rock

    PS:  attached a proof that can play it on a Win 7.



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