Why You Should Not Be Afraid of Playing in Online Casinos

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Online Casinos have conquered the gambling platform with many entities coming into existence in the recent past. With each new casino, new ways of playing the classic casino games are invented, better bonuses are offered, and most importantly, more security features are put in place. Online casinos have revolutionized the gambling industry with their payment methods, reward systems, and a broad range of games. However, there is always the inner fear that they might end up scamming you instead of funding your payday. This fear is unfortunately not unfounded. There have been reports of some unscrupulous businessmen who have scammed people of millions of dollars in the guise of providing casino services. Despite this, online gambling is still a real casino operation and will continue to be for the considerable future. This article will, therefore, provide some solace to punters who fear to play in online houses.

1.   Regulation of Online Establishments

Different countries have various laws regulating gambling establishments. Some of these laws restrict these activities in general while others merely put restrictions and conditions on gambling operators. Apart from national laws, there are bodies whose sole mandate is to issue entities with licenses and ensure that they conduct fair operations.

The UK Gambling Commission is a national body that oversees all gaming operations that operate within the United Kingdom. It is the body that is empowered to issue online casinos with operation licenses as well as to regulate their business. Pursuant to the 2014 Gambling Act of the United Kingdom, no entity is allowed to carry out gaming operations unless it is issued with a license by the commission. Other authorities akin to the UKGC are:

  • The Malta Gaming Authority
  • Alderney Gaming Control Authority
  • Gibraltar Gambling Commission, and
  • Antigua and Barbuda Gambling Commission.

All the commissions carry out their mandate on a national level. However, most of them are internationally recognized and could be allowed in some countries since they perpetuate fair practices among these establishments.

As for international bodies, eCommerce Online Gaming Regulation Authority (eCOGRA) is the number one body that regulates gambling. The organization is responsible for helping players to identify online casinos that are safe. It has set standards that demand fair gaming and responsible standards. Casinos that are able to surpass the standards set by the organization will be given a seal. Even so, the tests will be run over and over as long as they remain in existence.

2.   Random Number Generators

Random Number Generators are used by computers to simulate human unpredictability. All games in a legit casino use RNG technology to determine the outcome of every game. RNGs are used so that the result of every game cannot be predicted. This, in turn, increases the level of fairness in each game since no one has a predetermined result. You can learn more by checking out Cashpot casino.

3.   Encryption

While transacting with casinos, a lot of personal information is submitted. This information includes account information, addresses, and other information. Personal information is somewhat sensitive. It, therefore, requires a certain level of discretion. Online casinos use data encryption techniques to keep the information safe from hackers.

Encryption scrambles any information transmitted through a casino website into a format that is unreadable to other persons except the casino itself. Consequently, any information that is intercepted by a third party cannot be used. Encryption can be 128 bit or 256 bit. Most operators use 128-bit encryption, which is the industry standard.

4.   Licensing Requirements

Other than requiring a license, online casinos must meet specific standards before the license can be granted. These conditions are mostly subject to the national framework, but a few principles are common to all jurisdictions. These are;

  • The suitability of owners and executives

Since this industry is a lucrative business, it attracts all kinds of people. The establishments have been known to be fronts for money laundering, and some have even funded terrorist activities. It is essential to check the background of anyone who wants to start a casino before issuing a license.

  • Proper bookkeeping

Since casinos handle clients’ finances and have records of their account information, it is only logical for the establishments to keep proper books. Casinos are regularly audited, and any under the table deals are brought to light by the relevant authorities.

  • Addiction awareness

Before licenses are issued, the online casinos have to have measures in place to address the compulsive gambling problem. Most online casinos have partnered with support institutions such as Gambleaware to promote responsible gambling.

  • Restriction of underage gambling

In most jurisdictions, the minimum age that one can take part in gambling is 18. Rules have been put in place and consistently monitored to ensure that minors are not allowed to gamble. Gambleaware also helps in vetting prospective customers for age verification.

  • Handling customer complaints

One of the key aspects of any establishment is its customer service. Most online casinos have customer care that operates around the clock. The help desk may also be accessed via telephone, email, or live chat.

Final Remarks

Online Casinos take precautions to ensure that the player feels safe at all times. There is no need to fear to play in online casinos. If the above entries check out, the casino is a guaranteed safe place for you to place your wager.

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