World Trade Center Jumpers are in front of the Judge…!

Views: 1,610 World Trade Center jumpers ‘sullied memory’ of 9/11 dead Two base jumpers who parachuted off New York’s One World Trade Center “sullied the recollections” of 9/11 casualties, a judge has said. Andrew Rossig, 34, and James Brady, 33, were indicted neglectful risk and unapproved moving regarding the hop […]

Black Man Killed at Ferguson Protest…!

Views: 1,735 Michael Brown anniversary: Man shot at Ferguson protest Shots were heard at around 23:15 on Sunday (04:15 Monday GMT) as a huge group assembled on West Florissant Avenue, toward the end of a dismal, quiet day of remembrances. St Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar told columnists that […]

US Cinema Killer Will Serve His Life in Jail…!

Views: 1,678 James Holmes spared death penalty for US cinema killings A jury in the US state of Colorado has spared gunman James Holmes the death penalty for killing 12 people at a screening of a Batman film in 2012. He will serve life in jail without the possibility of […]

Donald Trump Faced Serious Questions and Booed in Debate…!

Views: 2,260 Trump Cheered And Booed In Republican Debate The billionaire was the star of the show during the event – but faced questions about his remarks on women and Mexican immigrants. Donald Trump stole the show during the first Republican presidential debate in Ohio – with a typically feisty […]

Is Donald Trump In the Republican Debate?

Views: 1,841 Is this Trump’s ‘bloop’? What’s going on with Donald Trump? The political news cycle has been dominated for weeks by his meteoric rise in contention for the Republican presidential nomination. With an 11-point lead in recent polls, Trump is sure to be the elephant in the room (of […]

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