A new update is available for Track IR 5 users

Track IR 5 – Version 5.3.0

A new update is available for Track IR 5 users.

It involves a move of game files, the removal of the need to activate as administrator, and a few other changes, including no longer being supported to operate under Windows 97:

Further details here: Downloads | TrackIR

I just noticed that the other day as well. They took their sweet time with this update.
Still not supported in Star Citizen, though. I’m starting to think it was a bad idea pledging to that ‘game’.
Anyhoo, thanks for the post, Ghoullie.
Know what you mean spuddy. Clearly Cloud Imperium is mired in the 1001 other things that need to be tackled long term, and highlighting why companies like EA cut production standards to make a ‘quick’ and ‘frequent’ and ‘reliable’ buck.
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