How to Fix Banned PS4 Consoles

Some of our gameslopedy board console gamers reports that their ps4 consoles are banned and they want to fix or lift the ban. However it cannot be easily processed. If you buy your ps4 from ebay or something like that. It was probably a banned console you had bought from someone else.

These are the several ways you can try:

  • Send an email with the registered email address detailing why the console was banned would be help you:
  • Or you can phone call to their customer services who will tell you why your ps4 was banned and how to solve the problem:You can reach us: 0203 538 2665 (UK)

    11:30 to 19:00 Monday to Saturday

  • Note: You have to phone customer services to discuss this as it's the only secure method of discussing a person's account under the terms of the Data Protection Act.

If you havent solve your issue with the above instructions please post to our Gameslopedy Forums.

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