How to Fix Controller Problem in Project CARS 2 Game

We have reported an issue with the controllers (logitech G29 , G25, Xbox 360 controller etc.) while playing Project CARS 2 Game.

You can fix controller issue by several workarounds.

Here is the troubleshoot for it:

  • 1. Learn how to setup the car
    2. Learn how to drive.
    3. The controller is fine.
    4. Git gud.
  • Fix assignments in the game: Assign turn left and right. Same with the pedals. Once that is done you can calibrate.
  • Try with Xbox One controller to get vibration.
  •  Delete the "Project cars 2" folder in Windows "Documents". Wheel will be centered itself after game started and calibration will be worked fine.
  • Hope it works.

If not please reply to comments section.

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