How to Fix Microphone Issue in Star Trek: Bridge Crew Game

Here is the fixes/troubleshoots for it:

SteamVR settings -> Audio set record device to HTC Vive microphone... Disabled all other mic sources from windows recording devices than (USB Audio device (Vive mic(test it by making sound to yor HMD mic and make sure that mic bar rices in USB audio device))) reboot SteamVR and game gets audio from Vive mic 🙂


  • just use your audio card
  • you have to change your sound settings in control pannel from vive to you audio card in you pc hope it works for you it did for me
  • "Disable every other recording device in windows." I can confirm that disabling all other devices will allow to play in game.
  • Before you start the game make sure that your primary mic is set to the vive mic.
  • disabled all my other recording devises exsept for the usb Vive headset mic and it did the trick
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