How to Fix “Preparing for installation” Freeze on GeForce Driver Update [2016]

Some of our Gameslopedy forum users reported trouble about stuck at "Preparing for Installation " screen on their Geforce Drive Update Application. These kind of problems mostly causing by low-end pc systems. Also a lot of other services on Windows and 3rd party programs running on background might cause this issue. That could be whether Skype or a service running on Windows.

To fix this freezing try these steps:

  • Stop VyprVPNService.exe running from the background via your Task Manager or Services App on Windows.
  • Try uninstalling some other programs (that you don't easily recognize) which are running in the background.
  • Try to close Skype or other Graphics consuming software if they are already running.
  • Go to Windows Explorer address bar menu/screen and type: C:\ProgramData\NVIDIA Corporation\GeForce Experience\Logs\GfeClientLog.log

    Open log file in Notepad. Scroll to the bottom, and if you see anything like this:

    "FATAL GFEClient.Model.Update.UpdateInstaller - Unknown error occured : Cannot listen on pipe name 'net.pipe://localhost/' because another pipe endpoint is already listening on that name. | 61898"

    This means another application is conflicting with GeForce Experience. If not, then we don't know what to tell you.

  • Or try to stop/close programs and services from Taskbar one by one and try to install your Geforce Experience Driver again.
  • Upgrade your Computer System to a higher-end ones.
  • Close your Antivirus and Internet Security Programs and try again.
  • Or switch off any start-up programs and reboot your PC to do the installation in a fresh environment.



1. Close GeForce Experience by killing the task from Task Manager.
2. Try to open C:\Users\<your_username>\AppData\Local\Temp\NVIDIA folder.
-- 'Access denied' message appears.
3. Take ownership of this folder (right-click, Properties > Security > Advanced, Owner:Change, enter your username)
4. After this add new Permission entry (in the same window, 'Add' button) and allow full control for Administrators group.
5. Run GeForce Experience as Administrator (not sure if this is mandatory) and update

If none of worked out, post to our forum or Geforce about your question.

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