How to Lower Stuttering on Sniper Ghost Warrior 3

If your Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 is stuttering on your PC you can just do a few things:

  • If you have a 8 GB of Ram, buy another 8 GB. So it will be good for you to have double. This would reduce stuttering on Ghost Warrior.
  • Use MSIAfterburner to check it for yourself.
  • I suggest lowering down resolution is your best bet. So just do it.

Think about buying a system like this to run Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 smoothly:

I get 120+ FPS with a GTX 1080ti @ 1920 x 1080


GTX 970, 1080p 60+fps on high, no issues here.

30-45 fps maxed out on gtx 970, witcher3 = 60 fps solid hairworks off

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