How to Fix The Last Guardian Low FPS Issues and Resolution

Like this video below,  The Last Guardian in PS4 getting a lot of frame rate issues. Here is the simple fix for how to fix it and also you can change your resolution to fix these:

Watch this video before trying to increase your frame-rates:

Like this video , if you are getting similar fps problems you can do following things to fix/improve your framerates and fix lagging:

  • Download The Last Guardian 1.02 update it would fix framerate issues on PS4 Pro:

    • 1GB The Last Guardian update 1.02 will be available to download for you which seeks to improve slow framerates and some camera issues.


  • Improve The Last Guardian PS4 Pro resolution by doing these workarounds:
    • Access the video settings on your console
    • Close the game
    • go to Video Output settings on the XMB menu
    • change the settings as detailed below, and then load it back up again for the new settings to take effect:
      • Choose 1080p for 30 frames-per-second at 1080p resolution
      • Choose 2160p for reduced framerate issues and a 2160p resolution


  • Hope it works!
  • If not please post your questions to our

Sources: Youtube and PSU


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