How to Fix Watch Dogs 2 Game Crashes [Console] [PS4]

This tutorial focuses on new game Watch Dogs 2 in-game and startup crashes on consoles - playstation actually -.

You can try several things below. Please try one by one and these would be workaround for your problem. At least gameslopedy hope so! 🙂

Try these steps to fix crash on Watch Dogs 2: 

  • First of all try to delete the game data
  • And re-install it!
  • It may also be caused by Ubisoft servers: Try to play offline or wait the server a bit to come back again.
  • Try port blocking or "connect to internet" from the settings to go offline or switch to connect PSN on or off.
    • To do this : Under the settings find the "network" option then Uncheck the box that says "connect to the internet".
  • Hope it works!

If the above solutions - going offline fix - don't work please post to gameslopedy forums about your problem.

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