Spammers New Tactic On Your E-Mails! Do Not Care These…!




A new spammer tactics has been discovered by spammers nowadays...

They use 2-step factor by using both manual and auto tactics. Firstly they send an e-mail secondly waiting your reply and then re-post their scam pdf's, links , landing pages or e-mail contents ..

And these tactics is not mostly understandable by Google Spam Prevention.

These tactics mostly for fraud and scam/fake transactions for the targeting of webmasters online.

So, what are their tactics?

1-) They firstly send an email like this:

spam emails spammerheademail

It is simply implied that they are inquiring your services, products etc.





2- ) If you send a reply to them, them return back to you immediately

If you reply their (spammers) e-mails they return back to you and then send you a file or link in order to get your details/passwords/website logins or payment gateway info's.

Note: These e-mails mostly cant recognize by Gmail's Spam Detection and most probably you can see these e-mails in your primary inbox.

So, in conclusion please do not care them and simply remove and take their emails to Gmail Spam Folder.

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