Testing Article: “Gaming at 1440p”

After months of thinking about switching from 1080p to 1440p i finally pulled the trigger.
My biggest hurdle to overcome was that i had to trade in exces of 30% performance on my GTX980 TI and that i had to lower some details.
The monitor that i had was a 27" at 1080p i was very satisfied with it and didn't understand the complaints that people had with the pixels being to big, i thought it looked good and found the extra screen size immersive.
I was eyeing The rog swift PG278q for a while but hesitated because i knew they would bring out an ips panel soon.
And since everyone was raving about an ips panel i waited for it to come out and then look at the pro's and cons of both.

The big pro's of an IPS panel are:

Viewing angel, this is no selling point it's a monitor you sit in front of the damn thing viewing angles don't matter.

Better Colors, this point is moot because swift TN colors are so good that some folks would have trouble discerning whether it's IPS or TN upon casual inspection.

The big con's are:

IPS glow, this was the deal breaker for me, the new swift ips panel suffer heavily from it meaning that black is not black but has a yellow hue shining thru.
If you like space games like elite or star citizen this is going to bother the hell out of you.

Slower response time, only a problem if you play twitch schooters at a high level.

Panel uniformity, ips panel are not uniform pick a solid clolor back ground and you wil see difference in tone it looks like there are "clouds"

So now i have a Rog swift PG278Q and ooh boy what a difference compared to my old monitors.
Prior to this i had monitors in the 270 euro range but this thing is something else, it's in a league of its own.
The image clarity and colors make my old monitor look fuzzy and washed out, i wonder how the hell i could have looked at it for all these years.
Now i understand what people mean when they say that the pixels are too big at 1080p 27".
In games i have to lower some details, details like soft shadows is a no go at 1440p it kneecaps your framerate in any game now.
On the other hand i can lower AA infact FXA looks better than 8x MSAA on 1080p stronger still FXA looks better then 8xMSAA and 4x TXAA at 1440p too.
G-sync is a game changer games have never looked more fluid, the animations of characters are so fluid that they come alive it has to be seen to believe.

At last here are some screenshots to show of games at 1440p

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