What is the Best GPU to Run Fallout 4 Faster? [2016]

What is the Best GPU to Run Fallout 4 Faster? and which is the best to buy is answered on this article:

So, what would a good low/mid range GPU be to look for?



For Fallout 4 with it's GamesDoesn'tWorks go for Nvidia card, for 3/4 of other games go for AMD which has better performance for the price of Nvidia's offerings + better DX12 performance which is right around the corner. I saw a lot of reviews that say and show R9 380X is a great mid-range GPU. Quite faster than GTX 960 for the same price. 😉

It depends on the point of view. In real world use and for gaming at 1080, it comes close to the GTX 980 and the GTX 980 Ti, but costs far less.

So some people use it as a 'budget' card for an otherwise (very) high-end system with not just a fast CPU but with a high quality PSU, an expensive CPU cooler and so on.

For a 'normal' PC it obviously isn't a budget card.

That said, the answer all depends on what your system is currently, what you want to do and what your budget is.

Don't have a budget? Go for the GTX 980 ti, R9 390X or two, three.
On a moderate budget? GTX 960, 970, R9 380 or 380 x
On a serious budget? GTX 950, or worse, but don't expect miracles out of it.

Best value for money: NVIDIA GTX 970.

Best value for money for a budget card: NVIDIA GTX 950

Best choice in between those two card: NVIDIA GTX 960 with 4 GB

r9 390 / R9 380x / R9 290 (should be very cheap now, same architekture as 390)
gtx 970

since 290s now outperform 780s and even 780 ti 's and are basicaly the same as 390s they offer great value

I personally am running a 290 frame rate only realy drops from 60 in diamond city with the new crimson drivers ( but the compas is now buged, can be fixed by mods)

i have god rays and shadows turned down a bit rest is maxed out

Would recommend GTX 950.

Depends on the budget and what you are replacing. 950 gtx is ok, 960 gtx is a decent card in the middle of the pack.


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